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Cancellation Policy✳

We understand that things happen and emergencies come up, but we ask for a minimum of 48 hours notice for non emergencies. Please understand that our valued staff is relying on the hours. We also have clients that would love to take the available time slot, if they have sufficient time for planning our arrival.


In the event that the Client needs to cancel a scheduled cleaning appointment, forty-eight (48) hours notice to Sunshine Tangerine Professional Cleaning Services LLC is required. Notice may be given by Facebook messenger (Our business page), SMS (text) or Phone call. Should the Client fail to give forty-eight (48) hours notice on more than one (1) occasion, the Client must pay 50% for the cancelled cleaning first offence and 100% of the fee for cancelled cleanings thereafter. Cancelling more than three (3) cleanings within 6 months or more than seven (7) total scheduled cleanings in a year, without prior approval of Sunshine Tangerine Professional Cleaning Services LLC will be deemed a breach of services/agreement/contract and allow Sunshine Tangerine Professional Cleaning Services LLC to cancel the services, agreement and/or contract in it's entirety. You may request to change days, if there is a time slot available we will accommodate you. However, if we do not have availability (we often fill up very fast and/or booked solid) and you cancel your cleaning, you will be billed for the cancellation fee. If the cancellation fee is not paid before the next scheduled visit, we will not provide services and we may cancel services entirely.

🔸Please note- If your normal scheduled day is a Tuesday and you are biweekly, please know that we will not be able to switch you to the following week. With biweekly clients, there are other clients scheduled on the opposite week and it would interfere with their regular scheduled day, you would need to either skip for 2 weeks or ask if we have availability for another day during your regular week, we may not be able to accommodate that request. 

In the event that Sunshine Tangerine Professional Cleaning Services LLC needs to cancel a scheduled cleaning appointment 24 hours notice will be given to the client. If Sunshine Tangerine  fails to give 24-hour notice, the client will be offered a one time 50% discounted cleaning. 

This refers to non emergencies/weather related. 


If Sunshine Tangerine cannot make it due to inclement weather or someone has been involved in an accident, we will NOT offer the 50% discount. As many of you already know, Sunshine Tangerine operates in Upstate New York and we do not cancel unless there is a State of Emergency/ Government Mandated closure or the roads are covered in ice. We fully expect all of our staff to be able to drive in snowy weather, after all this is Upstate New York.

🔸Please note that if  we are unable to access the home upon arrival, OR we are turned away at the door OR the client cancels their service with less than 24 hours notice, OR, a cancellation/lockout fee equal to 50% the service price will be charged/invoiced🔸

If the cancellation fees are not paid by the time of the next scheduled cleaning, Sunshine Tangerine will not provide services and may cancel the services entirely. 

Again, we kindly ask for a 48 hours notice of cancellation or preferably the most notice you can provide once you know you will not be able to keep the appointment time. We are happy to accommodate you with a rescheduled appointment however that will be subject to availability as described above.

The only holidays Sunshine Tangerine Professional Cleaning Services LLC does not work are Thanksgiving and Christmas, preferably Christmas Eve. If you need a cleaning on Christmas Eve there is an additional holiday fee, a minimum of $50.

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