What we DO and what we DON'T do.

 Residential: We will clean your kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, etc. Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming dusting. Scrubbing of- tubs, toilets, sinks and more! Dishes and laundry may cost an additional fee.  
Commercial: Offices, schools, churches, medical, restaurants & more
Dusting, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, bathrooms, etc
Industrial- Large or smaller manufacturing facilities, we provide bathroom sanitation, mopping, sweeping, daily garbage removal, dusting, break rooms and much more. 
Rentals: Living rooms, bathrooms, laundry/linens, vacuuming, mopping, stairs, kitchens, dishes, grill cleaning, ovens, refrigerators, etc.
     * We have several weekly camp rentals located on the Great Sacandaga Lake, as well as commercial office spaces, industrial facilities, doctor's offices, and dozens of residential homes located all across the upstate New York region. We can provide references upon request. 
Additional Services and charges:

Initial deep cleaning- prices are higher due to the amount of extra time and products needed. This can be discussed further at the time of estimate.
Carpet/ Upholstery cleaning- Prices are subject to the size of carpets or upholstery and the amount of product and time that is needed to clean it.

Windows** Please call for rates. 
What we DON'T do:
We do not move very large, heavy furniture (china cabinets, large bed frames (especially on carpet) & large entertainment centers), clean litter boxes, or anything that involves rodents, reptiles or arachnids.

We do bring all of our own cleaning supplies and tools, if you would like a specific type of cleaner, please let us know in advance. We do normally use natural and safe cleaning products, if you would like us to bring something different or use your products, please let us know in advance. We always carry all of our products with us, from "green" cleaners to heavy duty cleaners, we are always prepared.

**Our current supplies are disinfectants such as, clorox bleach foaming spray, lysol multi surface cleaner, lysol & citrace aerosol disinfectant, microban, pine sol, spray 9 and many more. 

* You decide what you need done. If you just want to focus on one area of cleaning, if you want a deep cleaning, or a maintenance cleaning. All of this can be discussed during your free in home/business estimate.

*** PLEASE NOTE *** If your home or space has not been professionally cleaned in the last 6 weeks, it will need an initial deep cleaning. Also, if your home or space has been "cleaned" within 6 weeks but is not up to standards, it will need an initial deep cleaning by us in order to get it up to maintenance standards. From there we are able to provide maintenance cleanings. We offer- weekly, bi weekly and monthly maintenance cleaning services. We offer daily office cleaning services for commercial accounts.

We clean medical facilities, school, offices and more

We provide cleaning services for commercial, idustrial establishments and residential homes.  Check out what we DO and what we DON'T do for more information regarding specialty cleaning.

What we can do for you!

Disinfecting Services, Johnstown, NY, Saratoga Spr

What to expect in terms of cost; 

🔹 (Scroll ⬇️ for a full description of our estimate process)🔹 

Please keep in mind that these are estimated, typical prices for most residential 🏠 accounts. If you're looking for a 🏢 commercial quote, please call us to schedule an on site visit & walk through. The estimate process is the same for both commercial & residential, the pricing is different. 


1 Bedroom/ 1 Bath🚽 🛀 - $120 

2 Bedroom/ 1.5-2 Baths 🛀 - $150

3 Bedroom/ 2.5-3 Baths 🛀 - $170

4 Bedroom/ 3.5- 4 Baths 🛀 - $200


 🔹The estimate process🔹 - Consists of one of our estimators- Either our Field Service Manager, The Project Manager or The Owner, visiting your residence or office space to do a thorough 🚶‍♀️walk-through to look over your specific project. We may video 🎥 or photo 📷 document the areas you need done to assure we have all of the necessary information. Documentation📔 is very important for our clients as well as the business. You decide what you need done- all rooms thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom, maybe just your kitchen & bathrooms, or perhaps you’d like just a few rooms thoroughly cleaned & sanitized at a time. (Please understand that if your home or office has not been professionally cleaned either by us or another company within the last 6 weeks, you will need a deep cleaning. We cannot “spot/ surface” clean a space that is in need of a deep cleaning. In order to provide maintenance cleanings you MUST first have a deep cleaning)

From there, one of our Project Managers will determine a price for you. That project manager will send you a formal, customized estimate via email. Sending the estimate via email ensures that everyone is on the same page and that each party is aware of the expectations. 

Once you review the estimate and approve it, dates and times will be discussed & then a day will be “semi- reserved” for you. You will then be sent a confirmation email that consists of the estimate you’ve approved, along with the “semi-reserved” date and time frame during that day that the project will begin and end. This will be the “agreement” between “you” (the homeowner/ building representative) & Sunshine Tangerine Professional Cleaning Services LLC. You will be asked to date, initial and/or sign the agreement upon receiving it and email it back to Sunshine Tangerine Professional Cleaning Services LLC at your earliest convenience so we are able to properly confirm & fully reserve your appointment day & time frame. We will not 🚫schedule a definitive day & time frame until we receive the signed agreement. This is for your protection & ours. If for any reason you are unable to keep the appointed date & time, we ask for a minimum of 48 hours notice. - Please see our cancellation policy page. 

❇️Factors we consider/ building the estimate & our instant estimate Facebook Messenger Chat-bot “Rosie”-   🤖

✳- Please note that our online automated chat-bot, Rosie's estimate solely bases the estimated cost on square footage. She does not factor in whether or not there have been other cleaning companies providing services, the quality of work or lack of proper cleaning they have “provided”. She does not factor in for children or pets, type of flooring in each room, how much furniture there is- is there a lot of woodwork- (railings, spindles, etc), the level of cleanliness (decades of dust, mildew/ soap scum, grease), etc. When using this pricing tool, she🤖 is unable to set the rates to factor in longer cleaning times for specific surfaces.

- We come in person to do the walk-through so we can fully inspect each area to better gauge the project and take into consideration numerous factors, such as-How many people live there, are there any children or pets (if so, how many), what type of flooring, how long has it been since last thoroughly/ properly cleaned, what's the condition of the home and so on.

- Although we do not necessarily have specific hourly rates- your estimate will have a price range & a specific amount of hours that we are not to exceed for that specific price range. For ExampleYour estimated total will approximately be between $470-$630- plus NY State sales tax. This price range is not to leave before 5 hours minimum** and not to exceed 7 hours maximum- Our team will arrive between 9-9:30am and are expected to complete the job by 4:30. If at 3pm they feel they are not able to complete the job by 4:30, they are to notify the project manager ASAP/ you will be notified and we can discuss further necessary action. 

**We do not want them rushing** Quality work cannot be rushed. We always encourage our team to hustle and maintain a good, fast pace- rushing is UNACCEPTABLE! 

If at any point during the cleaning we feel that we are unable to complete the project within that time frame, you will be notified and we may need to finish the job at a later date. We try to keep the initial cleanings between the hours listed below

1️⃣With 2-3 Cleaning Technicians/ 5-7 hours. That’s between 10-21 total man hours of work

2️⃣ With 3-4 Cleaning Technicians/ 5-7 hours. That’s between 15-28 total man hours of work.

3️⃣ With 4-5 Cleaning Technicians/ 3-6 hours. That’s between 12-30 total man hours of work. 

🇦- Deep cleanings/Initial cleanings/Move in & Move out Cleanings consist of A LOT of physical labor, supplies and mental concentration. We do provide breaks for our staff members, but after the 6.5/7 hour mark even with a few small breaks, many individuals start to become physically and/ or mentally fatigued, which can lead to mistakes or something accidentally being overlooked or even injury due to lack of mindfulness. At the end of the day we are human.

Because we have a satisfaction guarantee, we do not want our team making careless mistakes due to mental fatigue. 

🇧- We do not want to take up your entire day. Some residential clients try to stay in other areas of the home or go out of the home to keep themselves occupied and we believe you should have your space back within 7 hours maximum. 

🔶We kindly ask for each home to be picked up before we arrive so we can get started cleaning right away. 

Picking up- toys, clothes, dirty dishes, empty bottles/cans, etc. 

🔶We can provide additional services for an additional charge upon request and advance notice so we may adjust the time/schedule accordingly.

Additional Services- Inside of oven, inside of fridge, window cleaning, extra rooms not listed above, washing dishes, laundry, etc

Additional Services after 2-6 months of maintenance cleaning.- washing baseboards, thoroughly cleaning outside of cabinets, etc

✳️The Initial Deep Cleaning- Based on the personalized estimate/ agreement, The Sunshine Tangerine team will perform the tasks according to the work order/ agreement. We hold ourselves to very high standards and client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. If for any reason you are not satisfied we will make it right. We have a Satisfaction Guarantee. 💯


What is Sunshine Tangerine’s Satisfaction Guarantee.? If you are not satisfied for any reason, you must let Sunshine Tangerine know within 24 hours of job completion. We will send a crew back within 24-48 hours to correct and address any issues or concerns to make it right. We reserve the
right to correct any mistakes. If you do not let us know within 24 hours or you refuse to let us fix any mistakes, you will still be billed for the agreed upon price. If you do not pay the agreed upon price, your account will be sent to collections.👩‍⚖️⚖️

  •  Unfortunately we have had to make this very strict policy due to a few bad apples 🍎 over the years. Please understand we do our ABSOLUTE BEST 💯 to work with everyone in ANY situation, we have been taken advantage of one too many times and the business and team have suffered because of it. In order to NOT have to request a 50% deposit in advance, this is the policy that has been determined. 
  • At Sunshine Tangerine we take great pride in our work and have invested a lot of time and money on providing certification courses for the entire team as well as hours of hands-on training. Not to mention our employees have worked very hard to get their “Certified Professional Cleaning Technician” Certifications. We will not allow our team members or the business to be treated with disrespect or lied about just so certain individuals can try to get a heavily discounted service. If an individual feels the need to lie about/exaggerate about/belittle any of our team or the business, they will absolutely not receive any type of discount and may not be eligible for future cleanings. This behavior is unacceptable and rude.

  • For further information on the above topics, please visit our F.A.Q page.

Please call to set up an estimate or with any questions you may have. 

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