To better understand how we come up with prices, please click the link below to read an article from HomeAdvisor. It gives you an in depth look at what is involved in the cleaning process as well as how much it costs. 


What to expect in terms of cost;

Please keep in mind that these are estimated, general prices for most residential accounts. If you're looking for a commercial space quote, please call us to schedule an on site visit & walk through. The estimate process is the same for both, the pricing is different. 

1 Bedroom - $110

2 Bedroom - $130

3 Bedroom - $150

* The estimate process - consists of one of our estimators coming out to your home or work space to look over your project. You decide what you need done. From there, we will determine a price for you and what works for you. From there we will send you a formal proposal via email. Sending a proposal via email keeps all of us on the same page to ensure each party is aware of the expectations. Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. 

Please call to set up an estimate or with any questions you may have.