Restructuring & Rebuilding. A fresh start

There's much more to a PROFESSIONAL cleaning company than MOST people think.. 

{P.S-And the business owner cannot be in the field cleaning everyday. We hire, certify & train PROFESSIONAL cleaning technicians for that.}

  • Business owner responsibilities- (Just to name a few)   
  1.     Administration tasks- hiring, interviews, filing paper work, sales & expense reports , accounting, banking info & transactions, employee & client scheduling and much more that falls under administration tasks
  2. Website design & development, social media updates & marketing, promotional & advertising design, computer support, market research, lead generation, e-mail management, etc
  3. Customer Service- returning client phone calls, doing on the on site walk through, reviewing, typing & sending the estimate, communicating with employees regarding the scope of work, sending invoices and MUCH more.
  4. Employee handling- Job posting, resume reviewing, calling potential employees, interviews, hiring papers (W2's & all company documents, employee handbook), orientation, setting up the certification courses (prepare the 3 section manuals), field training, scheduling (who has a vehicle, where do they live- do they need to pick a co-worker up, where does co-worker live & what locations are they traveling to, what availability do they have), managing payroll, client complaints,  disciplinary action, performance reviews and MUCH more.                                      

So you see, there is MUCH more to running a business and this is why it is absolutely necessary for Maria to be out of the field. The business cannot run itself. Even if we were to hire SEVERAL people to do these tasks, she would still have to train them, in which case she would still need to be out of the field for several weeks, which if that's the case, she might as well do these tasks herself or stay out of the field. 

 Minimum Wage Increase and how it effects our clients.

Minimum wage continues to increase and will increase for the next few years. Sunshine Tangerine has never increased their prices as a whole, but has increased the wages paid out to 12+ employees, pays gas mileage, liability insurance, workmans comp, taxes (and yes, we do HAVE to charge NYS sales tax, that means YOU have to pay for it. We're sorry, but we cannot "cut" you the tax) and the increased prices for supplies, plus all other business expenses and overhead.

 As a small business with 12-16 employees, we cannot continue to pay a decent wage if minimum wage continues to go up, but our prices stay the same. 55% of business owners feel that raising min wage rates hurt their business. 39% do NOT support the wage increase, 18% are unsure. 44% said they would have to cut back on their investments. Right now is a difficult time for all small businesses, naturally prices are going to increase. Small business owners should never have to take out of their own pocket just to pay payroll. 

From an expert in this industry- "If you were to pay your employees $9/hour, in order for the business to make a profit, you need to be charging a MINIMUM of $35 per hour PER MAN HOUR worked. Yet minimum wage in NY is almost $12/hour and it will be going up for at least the next 3 years. 

From a TSheets Google Survey-

"Will The Rising Minimum Wage Hurt Small Business Owners?

Raising the minimum wage by just $1 an hour can cost small business owners tens of thousands of dollars in additional payroll costs each year – dipping into their bottom line and making it more difficult for them to turn a profit.

According to the same third-party survey of 500 small business owners across the country, 14 percent say they will be forced to let employees go if and when the minimum wage rises in their state.

SO, what does all of this mean??

It means that Sunshine Tangerine Professional Cleaning Service LLC's prices are subject to change every year as the cost of living goes up. The business will need to reevaluate at the end of each year and determine which, if any clients need a new estimate. 

If a residential client has not had a price increase or a new estimate written up for them since January 2019, it may be necessary for you to receive one. This has been a long time coming, but even more so due to COVID-19. In light of the COVID19 pandemic, our team has been out there keeping your homes, medical facilities, offices and more, clean and safe for all of our clients. Our services have provided peace of mind and a safe place to work or relax with family without worry. We have also spent countless hours researching the best products and SEARCHING for those products. Maria was in the stores and online shopping for 5 weeks straight, all so we could maintain our level of exceptional service. The cost of the supplies has gone up and many items are difficult to find, but we do what it takes to ensure our level of service is not compromised. 

We've also chosen to pay our field technicians a hazard pay bonus each week. They deserve it! In short, 

 *Deep Cleaning Services for both Residential & Commercial Clients:

              Due to the recent epidemic, several of our residential and commercial clients have postponed our services until further notice. Now that Non-Essential businesses are starting to reopen and we are moving forward through this tough time, we have already started to receive requests from clients asking to be scheduled. Most of these places we clean regularly, either weekly or bi-weekly. If we have not been to your location within the past 6 months, you might be subject to receive a Deep Cleaning. You might ask, "Why is this necessary?" This is necessary for many reasons,

  1. A family of 5 that lives in a 2,500 square foot home. Mom, Dad and 3 children. Schools have been closed for the past 3 months and we have not been there to clean since February. The house has been "lived in" with 3 children, full time and without our upkeep for months. We will need to schedule more staff and more allotted time for the staff  to ensure the highest level of quality is completed. This is otherwise known as a Deep Cleaning.

  2. A factory that temporarily cancelled our services due to COVID19. Though production was minimal compared to 3 months ago, staff members were still working daily and our services paused. Bathrooms and break rooms will need special attention. We will need to disinfect detailed areas extensively and this will require more staff and more time to complete. This is otherwise known as a Deep Cleaning.

Please understand this is beneficial for you. After the deep cleaning is complete, we can resume our regular scheduled cleanings and hopefully return back to normal within no time. Our first concern is our clients. Sunshine Tangerine Professional Cleaning Services LLC wants to be sure that we are doing our very best. Our cleaning technicians need to complete a full training course that is concluded with a certificate of achievement. We take pride in our performance, this should reflect while we are in your home, office, warehouse or rental. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our company, please feel free to reach out to us. Again, you are our #1 priority

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